BUDDY:Communities andRefugeesTogether forIntegration.

BUDDY:Communities and Refugees Together for Integration.

The Community Matching project aims to put refugees in touch with volunteers who can help them integrate in Italy.

A project where mutual support lays the foundations for new friendships. Let’s build the communities we want to live in: welcoming, supportive, inclusive.

I am a refugee

Have you been granted asylum or subsidiary protection and need support integrating in Italy?

This is the project for you: we will put you in contact with a volunteer – a “buddy” – who can help you in your journey of personal growth and integration, building a relationship based on trust and offering both practical and emotional support. Find a buddy!

Come Buddy potrai,ad esempio:

  • conoscere nuovi luoghi e nuove persone

  • partecipare ad eventi e iniziative, organizzare uscite sul territorio e altri momenti di socialità

  • migliorare il tuo italiano

  • ricercare una casa o preparare un esame scolastico o per la patente

Seleziona la tua città e diventaBuddy anche tu!

Create a connection

Find a volunteer!

If you are a refugee, you can sign up to this project to meet a volunteer who will help you to expand your social network and discover the area you live in. You can get the help you need to face the small and great challenges of everyday life, receive emotional support, find opportunities to speak Italian, and discover the city with new friends.

The project is active in the cities of Turin, Bari, Naples, Rome, Milan, Palermo, Bergamo, Padua, Bologna, Parma.


What is a buddy?

A buddy is a volunteer who will help you to expand your social network, get to know the area where you live, and improve your Italian. They will be able to help you solve both small and large everyday problems, supporting you in your decisions as well as in your studies or work. You will be able to discover the city together and share friendship, interests, free time.

Why take part?

By participating in the project, you can: have an experience of exchange that will be enriching on a human level, make use of your skills and talents, and learn and teach others about different cultures and different worlds.

Community Matching
a project created by UNHCR with partners Ciac and Refugees Welcome Italy, with the support of Soka Gakkai 8 per 1000, in the cities of Bari, Milan, Palermo, Turin, Rome, Naples, Bergamo, Padova, Bologna and Parma.

Main coordination:

Ana Vega: vegaa@unhcr.org
Jasmine Mittendorff: mittendo@unhcr.org

Fabiana Musicco: fabiana.musicco@refugees-welcome.it
Giorgio Baracco: giorgio.baracco@refugees-welcome.it

Chiara Marchetti: chiara.marchetti@ciaconlus.org
Michele Rossi: michele.rossi@ciaconlus.org

Community and Refugees Together for Integration

  • With the support of